Odsekova knjižnica

Vodničke in knjige si je mogoče sposoditi vsak četrtek po koncu šolskega predavanja (20h30). Izven tega termina po dogovoru s ključarji omare. Kavcija za vodničke, knjige in ostalo je 20€/kos. Pri izposoji/vrnitvi OBVEZNO izpolni vpisni list na vratih omari!

A. Richardson: Mountaineering - The essential skills for mountain walkers and climbers
Published 2008 Mountaineering is aimed at anyone interested in mountaieering — including hill walkers, climbers mountaineers and members of adventure expeditions. The book contains step-by-step guidance to every skill that you need in order to be safe when mountaineering. Each skill is clea
Craig Connally: The Mountaineering Handbook: Modern Tools and Techniques
* Move quickly up and down rock, snow, and ice with appropriate safety systems * Manage mountain hazards, including rockfall, avalanche, lightning, and high-altitude illness * Select the best equipment for your personal style and objectives * Maintain sound nutrition and training according
Eric Delaperriere: Mont Blanc Ski tours
2000, 1st ed. 239 pp, 69 route diagrams and route photos with color routes marked. In English. The principal 82 ski tours in the Mont Blanc Range. This topo-guide presents and describes the main back-country routes in the Mont Blanc and Aiguilles Rouges Massifs, whether you start from Val Montjoie,
Pagine 380 a colori Lingua ITA / TED Dopo cinque anni dall’ultima edizione, e nove dalla prima, molto è successo sulle sponde del lago di Como e sulle pendici delle montagne che lo circondano. Questo lavoro, completamente rivisitato anche graficamente e coordinato con la nota e puntuale
J M Editions: Snow, Ice and Mixed Volume 2
From the Envers des Aiguilles to the Tre-la-Tete Basin To complement the first volume (CCE151) which covered the eastern side of the Mont Blanc massif, this second volume covers the western area, from the Envers des Aigilles to the Tre-la-Tete basin. As with volume one the guide is in full co
J M Editions: Snow, Ice and Mixed: Vol 1
The first of a 2 volume set covering the climbing in the Mont Blanc range. Snow, Ice and Mixed Vols 1 and 2 replace the popular Neige, Glace et Mixte. Now published in English with full colour photo-topos through out it is a comprehensive guide to the show and ice routes on all the summits in the ma
Jeff Renner: The Lightning Strike
Lightning kills more people in North America than any other weather phenomenon, including tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods. If you work outdoors or simply enjoy being outdoors--whether hiking, camping, or teeing off on the golf course--this book is for you. Learn about the risks of lightning, thund
La Corditelle: Grimper en Provence verte
Vodniček za plezališče Chateauvert in okolico.
La Corditelle: Verdon
vodniček po verdonu, novejša verija tega na sliki je iz leta (2010/11)
loboedition: Dolomiten Vertical Nord
Dolomitska klasika: Alpine Klassiker, Genussklettereien, Sportkletterrouten. Puez-und Geislergruppe, Peitelkofel, Rosengarten, Langkofel-und Sellagruppe, Kreuzkofel, Fanes, Tofana, Zinnen-, Cadin- und Pomagagnongruppe. Sprache: deutsch 562 Seiten Masse: 18,4 x 12 cm
loedition: Dlomiten Vertical Sud
Dolomitska klasika: Alpine Klassiker, Gnussklettereien, Sportkletterrouten der südlichen Dolomiten. Beschriebene Gebiete: Marmolada, Nuvolau und Corda da Lago, Marmarole-Dolomiten östl.Piave, Pala, Civetta, Moiazza, Tamergruppe, Pelmo, Bosconero, Mezzodigruppe, Schiara, Monte del Sole, Pasubio, Br
Richard Goedeke: Dolomiten – Sella und Langkofel
In der überarbeiteten zweiten Auflage präsentiert sich der AVF extrem Sella–Langkofel wieder als topaktueller Kletterführer, der allen Ansprüchen des modernen Bergsteigers und Felskletterers gerecht wird. Beschrieben werden alle gebräuchlichen und empfehlenswerten Routen ab dem unteren III. S
Scalet Samuele : Pale di San Martino. Arrampicare, camminare, volare
Guide to classic and modern climbing (little sector of trekking and fly by parachute), in Pale di San Martino (Dolomiti) Number of pages: 360 Publication Date: 2003 Languages: italian, german